Affiliation Rules

Goregaon Sports Club

Rules for Visiting Reciprocal Club Members

  • A Reciprocal Club Member should be in good standing at his/her Parent Club and they shall be accorded the privileges and use of facilities, where available, and be entitled to participate in the sports and other activities of the respective visiting Clubs’ by paying the Guest charges as approved by the respective visiting Clubs’.
  • The facilities of the reciprocal Clubs may be used by Reciprocal Club members as per the guidelines below, on the principle of mutuality and reciprocity.


Identity Card

  • 01.

    A valid Photo Membership Card of the affiliated parent Club must be produced to the reception at the time of entry.

  • 02.

    In absence of photo membership card, an introduction letter from the parent Club would be necessary along with parent Club Identity Card.

  • 03.

    Details are to be entered in the Reciprocal Club Members' Register maintained by the duty clerk at the Reception.


  • 01.

    Only those Members, (which will include their wives, children under 25 years of age) of the affiliated/reciprocal Club having reciprocal arrangements, are entitled to the benefits/facilities of using of the reciprocal Clubs subject to all rules and regulations as applicable to members of the respective Clubs.


  • Reciprocal Members can book the facility (as per availability) prior to 60 (sixty) days on written request with 100% (hundred percent) advance online payment through online booking by an application for the same (if available).
  • If any member is unable to book the facility of any reciprocal Club for any reason whatsoever, the member of the Parent Club can request and communicate to the visiting Club, through the Parent Club to make appointments for the same.
  • In case of a booking made for any visiting Club member through advance payment and the failure of the Club member to show up might result in the host Club to forfeit the advance payment made.
  • In case of an unplanned visit by any member to the visiting Club, entry to the Club would be allowed only if, the Parent Club provides a confirmation vide an e-mail/ in writing to the person who intends to visit the Club, Secretary of the visiting Club and/or any authorised person of the visiting Club, who will produce a copy of the e-mail/letter to the reception of the Visiting Club on admission.

Accommodation at The Club

  • A Reciprocating Member is permitted to have accommodation in the Club Guest Rooms at member’s rate and as per the Parent Club rules
  • Registration formalities should be completed at the Reception, before checking-in exact date up to which accommodation is required for the Reciprocating Member.
  • A Reciprocating Club Member shall settle all his/her bills prior to their departure from the Club.
  • Accommodation charges should be paid 100% advance for the anticipated stay either Cash or Credit Card or Paytm/Google Pay, if available at the time of Check-in.
  • Cancellation Charges: 50% Cancellation charges of the Booking prior to 1 day of the Check-in. 100% Cancellation charges on/from the Check-in date as per the Parent Club rules.

Duration of Use Of Reciprocal Facilities

  • Eligible affiliated Members can utilize the facilities of the reciprocal Clubs for a period not exceeding 4 (four) times in a month and 13 (thirteen) times in a year. The aforesaid period may be extended by mutual decision between the Clubs.
  • Reciprocal Members are allowed to stay/use club facilities for maximum 4 (four) consecutive days and further stay/usage of facilities can be extended with prior written permission from the visiting Club’s signatory/management.
  • Reciprocal Members shall use the Swimming Pool facility for free if the members book a guest room.


  • 01.

    All payments for guest fees, food supplies, sports activities and other charges, will be as per the prevailing rules and rates are payable by members in cash/credit card and no credit accounting shall be allowed.

  • 02.

    While signing vouchers in the member's name, Parent Club membership number is to be clearly indicated.

  • 04.

    All Payments will be made and accepted in Indian Rupees (INR) Only


  • 01.

    Reciprocating Club member is allowed to bring immediate members of their family as abovementioned along with individual Parent Club I-Card.

  • 02.

    RReciprocating Club members are NOT allowed to bring any guests, unless the visiting member obtains a prior written permission of the Parent Club Authorities.

Dress Code

  • Decent casual dress is accepted./li>
  • Proper sports attire as per the rules and regulations of Club is to be maintained during utilizing activity such as Health Club/ Gym/ Sports, etc.

Penalty For Violation of Rules

  • Affiliated members must strictly follow GOREGAON SPORTS CLUB Rules.
  • Any violation or any misuse will render such members liable to fine, temporary suspension or permanent debarment at the discretion of GOREGAON SPORTS CLUB.
  • Admission rights for the Reciprocal Member will be completely on the sole discretion of the management of GOREGAON SPORTS CLUB.

Booking at GSC

  • Reciprocal Members can book the facility (as per availability) with 100% Advance payment

Online Booking

  • Reciprocal Members can also book the facility via online system through the Parent Club.
  • The Parent Club will be provided with an Online Login Id and Password and the same can be used for all online bookings by the members of the Parent Club.
  • Telephone booking would not be accepted.

Cancellation Charges

  • 50% Cancellation charges of the Booking prior to 1 day of the Check-in.
  • 100% Cancellation charges on/from the Check-in date.