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When you’ve got a host of outdoor games, what’s the point of staying inside. Our courts are waiting for you.


There’s no better path to wisdom than reading. Grab a book in your hand at Goregaon Sports Club and watch how time just flies.

Magazines Issuance Charges

– Rs.300/- Yearly : for Senior Citizen

– Rs.400/- Yearly : for Regular Members

– Deposit Charges : Rs.500/- (Refundable)

Library Rules

1. Access to all Life Members for reference & reading of Library books is free of charge.

2. All are required to pay their Library Membership Fee in case they prefer to use the Library facility for study purpose. Usage of Library facility for short duration will not be considered.

3. Smoking inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

4. Drinks or Eatables are not permitted inside the Library.

5. Members are required to maintain SILENCE in the Reading Room / Library.

6. Please show your Club Membership Card / Library Card to the Librarian for access to the Library.

7. Reference Books will Not be issued for taking out of the Library.

8. Library Members can take maximum One book / Magazine of the previous month at a time.

9. Members should refrain from tearing pages of Books/ Magazine.

10. Members should also refrain from writing/scribbling/underlining/marking etc; in the books provided for reading / reference.

11. Books /Magazines will be issued for 15 days (Maximum). In case it is not returned in specified time, a FINE would be levied as under :

– From 16th day onwards – Rs.5/- Per Day

– After ONE Month, if the Reading Material is not deposited back to the Library, your deposit with us will be FORFEITED without any further intimation to you. Further use of the Library facility shall be permitted ONLY after they remit the deposit amount.

12. Children below SEVEN years are not permitted.

13. Guests are not permitted.

14. Please put your Mobile on “SILENT mode” while in the Library.

15. Suggestions, if any from Members can be written in the Suggestion Book kept with the Librarian.

16. In case of violation of the above rules by any member, his/her Library Membership will be cancelled without seeking any explanation from the concerned.


· Members using the Library should enter their Entry & Exit Timings in the Daily Entry Book available with the Librarian.

· Library members are requested to bring their Library / Membership I-Card whenever they want to use the Library facility and same should be produced, whenever asked for, by the Librarian.

Activity Charges

Library Study


Members: Rs 10


Members: Rs 2500

Non Members: Rs 10000

Library Study (Half Yearly)

Members: Rs 1500

Non Members: Rs 6000

Card Room

Rummy, poker, flush, etc, when we talk about sports and games, how can we not talk about card games.
We know you have that ace up your sleeve. What are you waiting for?

Life Members can subscribe to this facility by paying an Annual Charges of Rs.7500/-

Session: 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm / 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Individual Guest Entry Charges

– Rs.30 on weekdays.

– Rs.50 Weekends / Holidays.


1. Guest Entry is permitted only if HE/SHE is accompanied by a Member.

2. From Monday to Friday Maximum 03 Guests and, On Saturday, Sunday & Holidays Maximum 02 Guests will be allowed to play on each table.

3. Only 06 People are allowed to play on Each Table.

4. Only 01 Guest will be entertained to play with one Card Room Member during each session.



Member: Rs 50

Non Member: Rs 150


Member: Rs 7500

Cards – Kim Exclusive (Daily)

Member: Rs 48

Pricing Table


Stay cool this summer and beat the heat by dropping down to ICESPICE Restaurant. We’ve got a lot of ice-cream flavours and spirits for you.


1st Floor A-Block

Timings: Mon to Sun.:- 12.00pm to 3.00pm & 7.00pm to 11.00pm.


1. Member entry free. Restaurant & Bar entry for Guests Rs.50/each.

2. The above rates exclude Club Entry Fees for Guests as follows Monday to Friday Rs. 30/ Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Rs.50/-.


Everyone at the club is a die-hard foodie and knows how to enjoy a good meal either alone or with their friends and loved ones. This is a place that has always been a crowd-puller for it’s lovely ambiance and dishes.

Bar & Restaurant – Veg & Non-Veg

2nd  Floor A-Block.

Time :- 12.00pm to 3.00pm & 7.00pm to 11.00pm.

Note. 1. Member entry free. Bar entry for Guests Rs.50/each.

2. The above rates excludes Club Entry Fees for Guests as follows Monday to Friday Rs. 30/ Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Rs.50/-.

India Kitchen

No need to worry in case you’re missing some good home-cooked Indian food. India Kitchen is here for you ensuring that you simply have to lick your fingers after coming here.

1st Floor B-Block Poolside Restaurant.

Time :-12:00pm – 03:30pm (Morning) & 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Evening)

Note. Member entry free. Club Entry Fees for Guests as follows:-

Monday to Friday Rs. 30/each & Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Rs.50/each.


A restaurant with a lovely view. Well, that’s what you get when you come eat out at Pavilion

1st Floor B-Block Poolside Restaurant.

Time :- 6.30am to 10.30pm.

Note. Member entry free. Club Entry Fees for Guests as follows:-

Monday to Friday Rs. 30/each & Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Rs.50/each.

Banquet Halls

A special occasion needs a special place. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or big event at a place with the space, ambiance and the feel of you being where you belong. With a capacity of 100-125, we make banquet events one to remember.

Booking Slots

Guest Rooms

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We’re no less than a hotel making you live in the lap of luxury. With 17 deluxe rooms and 1 suite available, this is one club that sure makes you feel royal.

Pricing Table


You can never go wrong with egg. With a host of recipes at your service, there’s a lot to explore at Eggsplore.


A lot can happen over coffee, says CCD. Even more can happen when you have CCD and coffee at one of the best sports clubs of the city.

Timings: 8 am to 10pm

National Dairy

So many dairy products to choose from when you’re at the National Dairy at GSC.

Timings: 7 am – 10 pm

Hare Krishna Juice & Shop

Living the liquid life never got any cooler at GSC. All thanks to this juice and shop restaurant at your favourite place. So drink away!!!

Timings: Morning 6 am to 10 am and evenings 5 pm to 10 pm

Kids Zone

We’ve got just the space and area to play that your tiny tot was looking for. Our slides and swings are there to make your kid have a ball of a time at GSC.